Thematic Attractions

The Aquário de São Paulo was the first, and to this day, the only fully themed aquarium in all of Latin America. It presents several sectors that send visitors to a world of charm and fantasy. Check out the attractions:

Polar Bear Exhibit Polar Bear Exhibit
Polar Bear Exhibit

(Entrada para Novos Setores)
Africa Sector
Sector Indonesia

Setcor Australia
Setcor Australia Setcor Australia
(Recinto dos Cangurus)

Setcor Australia Setcor Australia Jurassic Aquarium
Igarapé in the Amazon Giant Displays Alligator Lagoon

Submarine Replica
Tamanho Natural
Caravel of the Pirates
15 metros
The Diving of the Mermaids
(Sporadic attraction.
Check availability - season ended February 2020.)

Interior of
Sunken Ship

Sharks and Rays

Shark Tank
(1 million liters of salt water)
Educational Center