About Us

Considered a reference in the treatment and exhibition of animals, São Paulo Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Latin America. It was opened in 2006, featuring 9 thousand m² and 2 million gallons of water.

The only thematic aquarium in Brazil, this complex induces visitors to feel immersed in the environments, which have approximately 3000 specimens of 300 species of animals. Brazilian forests are portrayed in the first sector, dedicated to fresh water, and which addresses issues such as pollution of rivers and endangered species.

In this wing of 3 thousand square meters, it is possible to see the famous offspring of albino alligators, which made São Paulo Aquarium internationally renowned, since they are the only ones on display in the world, in addition to alligators, lizards, iguanas and snakes.

The Oceanarium is a real dive in the marine world. With more than 1 million liters of water, in this sector visitors embark on a sunken u-boat surrounded by sharks and rays. The mangue, the coastline and the oceans species' rich variety of shapes and colours also enchant visitors.

Giant displays feature the Tapajós, a baby manatee that can be seen from a privileged vision above the hall.

Monkeys, toucans, otters and anteater complement this tour which also includes the presence of Thunder, a sea wolf who loves making adventures in the water and waits for visitors in a large pirate ship. This is the São Paulo Aquarium, a complex dedicated to the well being of its animals, the commitment to environmental education and with the goal of providing an unforgettable tour for visitors of all ages.