Banded Shark

• Nome científico: Chiloscyllium punctatum
• Classe: Fish
• Hábitos alimentares: Carnivore
• Status de conservação: Near threatened

Informações gerais:

The banded shark is a species of small shark that inhabits coral reefs. When puppies are light with black stripes on the body. However, when it becomes an adult, they lose as stripes and acquire a light brown.


25 years.


In natural environment they feed on invertebrates and small fish. At the São Paulo Aquarium they consume shrimp, shellfish, clams and fish.


1,32 meters.

Distribuição geográfica:

Indian and Western Pacific Oceans: India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and North Australia.


The greatest threats suffered by this species are fishing, both artisanal and commercial. They also suffer from changes in their habitat, caused mainly by destructive fishing techniques and pollution.


It is a coastal shark found mainly in coral reefs and tidal pools.


Banded-sharks are oviparous animals and release pairs of eggs at the bottom of the environment. Males become sexually mature when they reach between 68 and 76 cm in length, and females are approximately 63 cm. The chicks, when they hatch, are already fully formed.

Localização no Aquário de São Paulo:

Marine World Sector.