Redtail catfish

• Nome científico: Phractocephalus hemioliopterus
• Classe: Fish
• Hábitos alimentares: Carnivore
• Status de conservação: Not evaluated


Some of our redtail catfish were donated by our visitors for not being able to keep these animals in their homes. Thus, these animals help us to convey the message that people need to have a responsible purchase of their pets, always informing themselves about the size that the animals can reach, about the costs and the difficulty of their maintenance.

Informações gerais:

It is a leather fish (it does not have scales).


15 years.


In a natural environment, it feeds on fish, crustaceans and fruits. At the São Paulo Aquarium, it feeds mainly on fish and feed.


1,34 meters.


44,2 kilos.

Distribuição geográfica:

Amazon, Orinoco and Araguaia-Tocantins Basins.


This species is of commercial interest for fishing (especially sport fishing), and is even introduced in some locations. So far, it is not known about the real risks that the species suffers.


Amazon, Orinoco and Araguaia-Tocantins Basins.


Reproduction occurs once a year during the flood regime. It is a fish that performs reproductive migration.

Localização no Aquário de São Paulo:

Amazon sector