• Nome científico: Pogona vitticeps
• Classe: Reptile
• Hábitos alimentares: Omnivorous
• Status de conservação: Not evaluated

Informações gerais:

This species is called the bearded dragon because it is a reptile that has thorny scales, giving the appearance of having a beard. When threatened, they can display this beard (inflating it) in order to intimidate the enemy.


There are reports of living up to 10 years.


In a natural environment, they feed mainly on insects, leaves and fruits in less quantity. At the São Paulo Aquarium, they mainly consume leaves, vegetables, insects and feed.


60 centimeters (its tail can have up to 30cm).


510 g.

Distribuição geográfica:

Australia (New South Wales, North and South Australia, Queensland, Victoria)


This species has suffered a strong threat to the pet trade, but since the 1960s it has been banned.


It inhabits arid, desert and savannah regions.


Males get involved in disputes to define the reproductive structure after the winter period. Females release 11 to 30 eggs.

Localização no Aquário de São Paulo:

Freshwater sector