Red-footed Tortoise

• Nome científico: Chelonoidis carbonaria
• Classe: Reptile
• Hábitos alimentares: Omnivorous
• Status de conservação: Not evaluated

Informações gerais:

He has daytime and terrestrial habits.


80 years.


In a natural environment they feed mainly on leaves, fruits and, sometimes, small animals. At the São Paulo Aquarium they consume leaves, vegetables and fruits.


55 centimeters.


15 kilos.

Distribuição geográfica:

Central and South America.


The main threats to this species are agricultural activities and illegal use (for food and pet).


They can be found in tropical forests, temperate forests and savannas.


Males make sounds and calls to attract partners and keep competitors away. They breed between August and January, but more frequently between September and November. The female can spawn up to 5 times and the eggs take between 5 and 9 months to hatch.

Localização no Aquário de São Paulo:

Freshwater sector