Black-bellied Slider

• Nome científico: Trachemys dorbigni
• Classe: Reptile
• Hábitos alimentares: Omnivorous
• Status de conservação: Not evaluated


The aquarium has dozens of black-bellied Slider. Some were transferred from a closed breeding site, but most came from apprehensions by IBAMA or donations from people who acquired them illegally and lost interest in caring for the animals.

Informações gerais:

They have diurnal habits and can remain for long periods exposed to the sun on the banks of water bodies. It has this name due to the coloration of its yellowish and orange stripes. Its main threat is illegal trade and the consequent abandonment due to its growth.


30 years.


In the natural environment, they feed mainly on aquatic plants, vegetable remains that fall into the water, insect larvae and fish. At the São Paulo Aquarium they consume leaves, small insects and proteins (fish, beef, poultry meat, etc.).


27,8 centimeters.


3 kilos.

Distribuição geográfica:

Southern Brazil and part of Uruguay and Argentina.


The main threat to this species is the collection of eggs and chicks for the illegal pet trade. In addition, they are threatened by hunting for meat and by pollution and habitat destruction.


They live in aquatic environments (lagoons, rivers, wetlands, lakes and dams) with an abundance of vegetation.


This species performs aggregated spawning, with only one reproductive period per year. Such spawning occurs between September and February, with females laying 2 to 19 eggs that hatch after 110 days of incubation.

Localização no Aquário de São Paulo:

Freshwater sector