Safety in São Paulo Aquarium

São Paulo Aquarium is suited to the most demanding safety standards so that you and your family can safely and peacefully enjoy our attractions.

• In compliance with State Law number 13,541, smoking is prohibited in the premises of São Paulo Aquarium.

• Photos are only allowed without flash.

• In case of emergency, there are easily accessible and properly identified unlocked exit doors.

• In any cases of power loss, the generators are automatically activated.

As saídas estão localizadas nas seguintes áreas:

Main Lobby

Fresh Water Sector

Setor de Água Salgada

Dinosaurs Sector

Aquatic Mammals Sector


Aquarium Store

Our employees are trained by the Fire Brigade and prepared to assist you. Fire extinguishers and hydrants are strategically located. São Paulo Aquarium worries about your security so that you can worry only about having fun.